Our Promise to You and Your Family Members

At our core, we believe that no animal should be force-fed medication. The technology exists to put any type of medication into a soft chew treat!

There is also a need to highlight and raise awareness of the mental health of our pets. Pet parenthood is evolving and we believe it’s about time companies caught up. Millions of pets suffer from depression, fear, and anxiety. Humans are regularly helped with these afflictions with drugs such as Prozac®. Why not our animal companions?

So we say enough of force-feeding our family members the medications they need (which is anxiety producing in and of itself). And enough of blaming them for “bad” behavior, which is essentially their cry for help in dealing with fear and anxiety, particularly dog separation anxiety.

We are building a new type of company that recognizes and supports the mental health in our furry family members. We are working to erase any stigmas associated with with proven fear and anxiety reducing medications. Used in conjunction with behavior modification plans, personalized for each pet, our furry friends across the country will live happier lives.

We are fueled by our personal experiences. We are veterinarians, veterinary behavioral health experts, trainers, and operators. We exist to bring peace of mind to pet parenting.

You are tirelessly devoted to your pets, and we promise to match in our devotion.

-Your Treat 2 Treat Team