Welcome to our Treat 2 Treat Affiliate Program

Help other pet parents, and earn some extra cash.

Our affiliate program for pets is unique because you not only earn commissions from your referrals, but from the people they refer as well!

Every time a pet parent you refer purchases a package for their pet, you earn a commission. And that percentage increases as the number of customers you send to us increases.

But our program also offers you something unique:  The ability to earn commissions from the people referred to us by your followers. We call this our “Friends of Friends” Program.

Which means that when one of your followers (regardless of whether they themselves make a purchase) refers one of their friends who purchases a package from us, you earn commissions!

We do this because we recognize that the sphere of influence of our fans helping to spread the word extends beyond their direct followers.

The Treat 2 Treat
Friends of Friends
Referral Program

Illustration of how the Treat 2 Treat Friends of Friends Referral Program Work

How to join our referral program and help pets and their parents...

... while earning cash for you and your furry friend

How does it work? If you’re already a customer, you’re already in! Simply go to your dashboard to find your link, or click here to go right to your referral page.

Not yet a customer? No problem! Click here to register to become an affiliate. Once registered, you will have access to your dashboard.

We will credit you for anyone who follows your unique treat2treat.com link to our site and makes a purchase. And they don’t need to make a purchase immediately. They have 2 months.

And after your friends & followers either sign-up to become an affiliate (without making a purchase) or become a customer, when they use their special links to send customers our way, you will earn commissions from those referrals as well!

From your Treat 2 Treat affiliate page, you can get your referral links, monitor your referrals, and even create your own campaigns, so you can track what’s working best for you and from which channels. As the pet parents you refer, in turn refer others, you can keep track of them too. All in your Treat 2 Treat dashboard!

Below is a chart that illustrates our commission rates for direct referrals, and the rates for the customers they send our way.

Any questions? Reach out to us at referrals@treat2treat.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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