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What's wrong with telemedicine?

During COVID, the FDA has temporarily suspended the requirement that the vet has had an in-person visit with the pet. They did this to help pets with vets who could no longer give them a physical exam.

Some companies have taken advantage of this temporary suspension and started telemedicine services with vets who have never even seen the animal, aside from a zoom call.

Some states have also loosened their restrictions, while others have specifically stated they intend to continue to enforce the in-person VCPR requirement.

A valid VCPR is required for any type of prescription. This is why we consult with your pet’s primary veterinarian as behavior and mental health specialists. They have a valid VCPR, regardless of how some telemedicine companies choose to interpret federal and state regulations, and are best equipped to consider the pet holistically.

This is why we can offer our full array of services in all 50 states.