Treat 2 Treat - Help your pet with a Treat

Who is Treat 2 Treat

The people of Treat 2 Treat are veterinarians, veterinary behavioral health experts, trainers, and operators. We exist to bring peace of mind to pet parenting. We take the anxiety out of giving our pets medications by offering savory custom treats with medications mixed in. We use science-backed approach to provide our pets relief. Our behavior evaluation tool was developed by veterinary behavior health experts, has been used in over 100 scientific peer-reviewed papers, and has helped evaluate thousands of dogs and cats. We are relentless advocates of our pets’ mental health. We empathize with their struggles which typically manifest as undesired behaviors as they attempt to deal with, and react to their own fears and anxiety. We help pet parents treat them similarly to how humans are now treated for their mental health: proven prescription medications combined with positive reinforcement.