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Treat 2 Treat FAQs

About Our Services

The people of Treat 2 Treat are veterinarians, veterinary behavioral health experts, trainers, and operators. We exist to bring peace of mind to pet parenting. We take the anxiety out of giving our pets medications by offering savory custom treats with medications mixed in. We use science-backed approach to provide our pets relief. Our behavior evaluation tool was developed by veterinary behavior health experts, has been used in over 100 scientific peer-reviewed papers, and has helped evaluate thousands of dogs and cats. We are relentless advocates of our pets’ mental health. We empathize with their struggles which typically manifest as undesired behaviors as they attempt to deal with, and react to their own fears and anxiety. We help pet parents treat them similarly to how humans are now treated for their mental health: proven prescription medications combined with positive reinforcement.

Treat 2 Treat is for dog and cat owners wanting a better way to help their pets with behavior problems, and a better way to give their furry friends their medicine. We offer a scientifically proven behavior evaluation tool which incorporates the experience of the best animal behavior specialists in the country. When medicine is needed, we offer access to custom savory treats which make treating your pet, well.. a treat.

Based on the results of the behavior evaluation tool, certain medications and behavior modifications will be recommended to improve the mental health of your pet. The goal is to calm the fearful, anxious, or stressed brain with medications, allowing for lasting change with behavior and environmental enrichment. The evaluation results and corresponding recommendations are provided to your vet who approves or disapproves the plan. If approved, they send a prescription to our partner pharmacy, who then sends you the medication. Meanwhile, we contact you to review the specific recommendations for your pet.

After your free pet behavior evaluation, we put together a custom membership plan for you and your pet. Sometimes this includes custom treats with the right amount of prescription medication mixed in. In these cases, your membership includes these treats. At no additional cost to you, we coordinate with your existing veterinarian. While we are helping look after your pet’s mental health, they are familiar with their physical health. After conferring with them, the prescription is sent to one of our partner pharmacies, who them ships the treats to you, with free shipping!

Included in every membership plan is a personalized behavior plan for your pet. It is chock-full of easy, specific things you can do to help them. Also included is access to our video collection, curated for specifically for your pet, and your circumstances. 

No. We agree with federal law, and the American Veterinary Medical Association, that ONLY veterinarians with a valid VCPR relationship should be treating pets. They both require that veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) can only exist if the vet has physically examined the pet, in-person. Only veterinarians that have an existing valid VCPR may practice telemedicine.

During COVID, the FDA has temporarily suspended the requirement that the vet has had an in-person visit with the pet. They did this to help pets with vets who could no longer give them a physical exam.

Some companies have taken advantage of this temporary suspension and started telemedicine services with vets who have never even seen the animal, aside from a zoom call.

Some states have also loosened their restrictions, while others have specifically stated they intend to continue to enforce the in-person VCPR requirement.

A valid VCPR is required for any type of prescription. This is why we consult with your pet’s primary veterinarian as behavior and mental health specialists. They have a valid VCPR, regardless of how some telemedicine companies choose to interpret federal and state regulations, and are best equipped to consider the pet holistically.

This is why we can offer our full array of services in all 50 states.

Treat 2 Treat serves pets and pet parents with all of our services in all states.

Treat 2 Treat is a monthly pet health membership service that includes free use of our evaluation tools, and a combination of therapeutics, behavior training programs and medication (provided through our partner pharmacies), depending on your pet. All memberships can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Not at this time. Unfortunately, most pet insurance plans don’t recognize the importance of pet mental health, and do not cover it. Our goal is to help every pet who needs it, and will continue to work with pet insurance companies to offer mental health benefits.

We only offer clinically proven solutions for pet health issues. Therefore, you won’t find supplements and other unproven methods on our site.

Instead, you’ll find tools and medication offerings subjected to veterinary research and clinical trials.

We currently off prescription treatments for dogs and cats suffering from anxiety. These medications are mixed into savory chew treats to make them a lot easier to give. (Dogs and cats tend to hate taking pills and capsules 🤢!)

We create custom plans for each individual pet blending behavior modification and medication. We ensure that each pet’s veterinarian is in the loop to ensure a holistic view of the pet’s physical and mental health.

No problem! Simply complete a free evaluation for each one, and we’ll help each of them. Pet-to-pet interactions are a source of stress and anxiety, and affects each pet differently. During the evaluation, we’ll ask you how the pet you’re completing the evaluation for handles the other pet(s).

Account and Billing

Please reach out to You can also manage your account directly by logging in with your Treat 2 Treat account at

You can manage everything related to you, your pet, and your orders though your dashboard at You can also reach out to us at for help. Please note that once an order is processing at the pharmacy you cannot make any changes. 

As with any pharmacy, once the medication leaves the pharmacy, it cannot be returned. But please reach out to us at to discuss your order and we’d be happy to help.

You can go to our login page, and click the reset password link. Or you can click here to reset your password.

Medication and Pharmacy

Treat 2 Treat is not a pharmacy and does not sell any prescription medications. Instead, Treat 2 Treat partners with pharmacies who are able to ship your pet’s medications right to your door.

The recommended medications are chosen based on the best available science and recommendations by experts in the field. Depending on the condition and medication chosen, results can be seen within 2 hours for some therapies and up to 4-6 weeks for others.

No! Based on the behavior evaluation results, each pet receives their own recommendation combining therapeutics, medication, and behavior therapy.

Yes. You have the right to receive a copy of your pet’s prescription from your vet and fill it at the pharmacy of your choice. Your vet will need to rewrite your prescription for tablets or capsules. This is because most pharmacies are not able to mix the medication into veterinary chew treats. And none of them have Treat 2 Treat’s unique flavors for dogs and cats. Our flavors have been thoroughly tested for palatability on thousands of dogs and cats, ensuring that giving them to your pet is a pleasant experience.

If it is an emergency, you should immediately take your pet to an emergency veterinary clinic. If your pet is recommended for medication, you will receive information describing it, what it’s used for, and why. A list of potential side effects is also provided. If your pet is experiencing side effects, we recommend you contact your vet. They have a holistic picture of your pet, and we provide all information to them. They are also familiar with the medications your pet is taking, including any we may have recommended. Additionally, you can call or text us at (504) 584-8849 or email There are many things we can do to help, including working with your vet in case the dose or medication needs to be changed or discontinued.

While it would be great if every animal responded the same way to each treatment, it is not uncommon to need to alter our treatment plan for each pet’s unique needs and genetic makeup. If you are having any issues, we will work with you, your pet, and your vet to make sure your pet gets the best care possible and is holistically treated.

We recommend you contact your vet. They have a holistic picture of your pet, and we provide all information to them. They are also familiar with the medications your pet is taking, including any we may have recommended. Additionally, you can call or text us at (504) 584-8849 or email regarding complaints or concerns. There are many things we can do to help, including working with your vet in case the dose or medication needs to be changed or discontinued. You may also contact a pharmacist at ‪(504) 383-4672‬ in the event of a possible adverse event involving your medication or mail the pharmacy at 221 Gale Lane Kennett Square, PA 19348.

Orders and Shipping

Once your treatment plan has been approved by your vet, your order will ship within 1-2 business days. The pharmacy sends all orders via USPS Ground so it will take an additional 1-4 business days to arrive.

If you tried to use a promotion code or coupon for your first order and it didn’t apply, don’t worry — we’re happy to help. Just reach out to and we’ll make it right.

The pharmacy sends all orders via USPS Ground so you can expect your order to arrive 1-4 business days after you have received your tracking email.

No. Standard ground shipping is included as part of your Treat 2 Treat membership!

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of prescription products for reuse or resale and all sales are final. Feel free to reach out to us at if you want to discuss your order with us!

If your order has not arrived within 5-7 business days from the day you received your tracking number, or if your order arrived but was damaged or missing an item, please reach out to us at and let us know!